Advanced Diploma of Business

Code & Title of Qualification

BSB60215 Advanced Diploma of Business

Delivery period

52 weeks


Units of Competency

Unit Title


Develop an advertising campaign


Manage human resources strategic planning


Lead and manage organisational change


Manage the marketing process


Develop a marketing plan


Manage finances


Develop workplace policy and procedures for sustainability


Manage operational plan

Target Audience

The target audience includes domestic and international students. The key people for this qualification who want to advance in their career and upgrade their skills and knowledge in the industry to a management level.

Entry Requirements

  • Must be 18 years of age or over
  • Completed Year 12 (or equivalent)
  • Minimum 5.5 IELTS score and above (international students only)
    Students who do not meet the minimum requirement will be referred to accredited English Language Training providers to complete an English Course before proceeding with this qualification.
  • Language, Literacy and numeracy (L,L&N) evaluation (Local Learners only)
  • Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) evaluation (International Learners only)


Pathways into the qualification

For those learners who want to undertake the Advanced Diploma of Business it is advised by Swann College to obtain a knowledgeable level or have experience in business and/or business management including previous business training would be preferred.
Preferred pathway includes, but is not limited to, mature age workers with several years’ experience in automotive or a similar industry.

Duration, Learning & Assessment Arrangements

The BSB50615 Advanced Diploma of Business is delivered over a period of 52 weeks (including vacation time) and is divided into a 4 study term.
Students training at Swann College will undergo 480 hours of contact theory training and 320 hours of supervised practical training including field placement.
Maximum duration has been allocated to give the learners every opportunity to complete the qualification. Allowances have been made for learning capabilities therefore the duration may be shorten but the nominal hours will remain the same.

International students must attend classes’ equivalent to 20 hours per week in full time study mode.

Domestic students will:

  • Attend class equivalent to 20 hours per week in full time mode; or
  • Student undertaking this qualification by distance, e-learning or blended mode will complete the qualification on a self-paced base; or
  • Complete training and assessments can be conducted at the work place.

To be awarded the BSB60215 Advanced Diploma of Business competency must be achieved in 8 elective units.
The program is strategically designed to be delivered in 6 clusters. It covers advanced level units which will provide students with the specialised knowledge and skills to progress into higher level qualifications such as university and management level in the workforce.

Workplace Simulation

Swann College ensures that the training delivered is to the standards of a real workplace environment. To meet this requirement, Swann will use a variety of assessment tools during this course of the qualification to cover various different elements of a actual workplace and also in a virtual training environment. Swann will meet the need for real time work environment by:

  • Using real time case studies and statistical data while assessing and training students
  • Trainers represent the role of a real client and portray the workplace demands while working on projects and plans
  • Learners prepare timelines, schedules, communicate and prepare documentation. Learners will be provided access to Swann’s policies and procedures and will research policies of other organisations
  • Learners will have access to policies procedures and office document templates provided on Learning Guides and Texts
  • Working as a team fulfilling responsibilities and expectations of the job and workplace
  • Assignments which include multi-tasking, different role within assignments using workplace policies and templates.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

RPL takes into account that people learn in different ways. These may include education and training as well as through work and life experience. A learner may apply for RPL to gain credit for a course of study taking into account their prior knowledge, training, skills, work experience and previous qualifications.

National Recognition

Learners who have achieved competency in any of the units of competency offered as part of this qualification will be granted national recognition provided that the unit of competency has the same Competency Code and name.


  • Classrooms for theory delivery and assessments are at Level 3 132 Franklin Street Adelaide South Australia
  • Swann College Business Course Resources include Learner Resources from Smallprint, Pearson and Aspire text books and eLearning. A variety of Business and Management Text Books are available for reference at Swann’s library. Students have access to White Boards, computers, internet and printing. Each class is equipped with a LCD projector and E learning facilities
  • The practical delivery & assessments will be carried out at selected retail operating businesses to ensure the best realistic training is carried out in conjunction with Swann College’s own virtual business.
  • Any library through community membership
  • All staff (including full time, part time and casual staff) involved in the delivery and assessment of this qualification have direct access to the current version of the relevant training package
  • All staff (including full time, part time and casual staff) involved in the delivery and assessment of the qualification have direct access to print and electronic copies of the assessment tools used in this program
  • All staff (including full time, part time and casual staff) involved in the delivery and assessment of the qualification have direct access to the trainer, assessor and candidate support materials relevant to their areas of delivery and assessment
  • All staff (including full time, part time and casual staff) involved in the delivery and assessment of this qualification have a Certificate IV in TAE or are being supervised by a colleague with the Cert IV qualification
  • Swann has access to staff and training/assessment resources to meet the requirements of candidates with special needs and has an assessment process that incorporates reasonable adjustment procedures

Swann has reviewed the equipment and facility requirements for each unit of competency and has access to resources needed to implement the program.

Career Outcomes

Successful completion of this qualification have the following career outcomes:

  • Senior Administrator
  • Senior Executive/Manager


Learners who successfully complete this qualification are encouraged to continue further studies at University degree level in associated disciplines. Learners are also able to apply for advanced standing in the course at any Australian University. The level of articulation may vary between universities. Learners are advised to apply to the university of their choice well in advance of completion. Alternatively, participants can apply to take up employment.


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